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Guest Review: Pride and Prejudice by Kathy (aka Justkissmyfrog)

I will start this review that will be unwelcome by all: Pride and Prejudice is not my favourite Austen novel. Falling in love with Emma at the age of 10 probably didn’t help, but I can’t blame all of my scepticism on sentimentality . Its frivolous plot development compared to what seemed like a more […]

Never Let Me Go

‘Never Let Me Go’ was the first book that I ever read that really stopped me in my tracks. The main character, Kathy, seemed so sweet and kind it seemed impossible that anything bad could happen. Ishiguro had me from the start, feeding me quaint Englishness and countryside images, all the time hiding the true […]

The Notebook: Our first review!

So here it is, our first review. My style tends to be stating a lot of facts and figures and other people’s opinions before I state my own opinion. It’s not necessarily the tidiest method but nevertheless informative. Tell me what you think. Enjoy, Frances xx ALSO THIS CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS Written in 1996 by […]

Introducing: Melissa

So, to the brains behind this project – well, it was my idea, and don’t let Frances tell you otherwise. This is my way of combining my love of reading, film and writing into one, hopefully enjoyable, package, whilst keeping Frances happy by allowing her to put her opinions into something good, instead of just forcing […]

Introducing: Frances

Hello world, I’m so glad you’ve found your way to our little corner of the Internet, as that means it is no longer a crowd of two; that crowd being Melissa and myself. Before we get underway with any reviews, we felt it was a good idea to introduce ourselves. Why trust or even value […]


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