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(Follow The) Rabbit Proof Fence

Speaking from my generation, ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ is a relatively unknown film and its book counterpart ‘Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence’ is acknowledged even less. So to quickly inform what I assume is a majority of people who are frantically searching Wikipedia for a synopsis, this is a story about racism. It is a true […]

The Hunger Games

So there is this little known series called The Hunger Games. Now I’m not entirely certain whether or not you have heard of it, what with all the media coverage, endless adverts, articles and Twilight comparisons, but if you haven’t, here is the world briefest synopsis: There is a girl, with a slight attitude problem, […]

The Help

*CONTAINS SPOILERS* Can pretty much say for sure that this is going to become a trend… This is a very long review, but I just had so MUCH to say! Enjoy this week’s review and get in touch and tell us your thoughts! Frances xx In my house there are 21 bookcases. I’m not sure […]

One Day

CONTAINS MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS!! ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls is the perfect novel for anyone like myself who has a penchant for chick lit that is written by men. For some reason it seems that male authors tend to bring a more rounded (and let’s be honest less feminist) moral backdrop to their characters, which […]

Introducing: Ellen

I never imagined that I would find writing a short description of myself so challenging; here it is: Unlike the dynamic literary duo Frances and Melissa, I, unfortunately cannot claim to be the brains behind this site but rather an eager contributor and proud book fiend. When it comes to most topics under debate I’m […]