Forrest Gump

‘Life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get’

Famous movie quotes was trending on Twitter yesterday, and not surprisingly, this was one of the most popular quotes. To be quite blunt, if you don’t know the film that immortalised this quote, people do look at you a bit strangely. For a long time I didn’t realise that the film was based on a book and it wasn’t until I became a part of this blog that it occurred to me that actually, the best films are quite often based on books.

The film is one of my all time favourite films simply because I love the concept of it. An idiot who goes on to live one of the most fulfilling lives in literary history. Sometimes if I’m in quite a philosophical mood this annoys me because, after you live your life like there’s no tomorrow, carpe diem blah blah etc but at the end of the day, when it’s over, it’s over. Which scares me a bit. We can do all these wonderful things with our lives and then when we’re gone all the things that meant everything to us don’t necessarily matter to those still alive.

Bit depressing actually… But despite these dark thoughts that sometimes cloud the viewing of this film, it does have a rating of 8.7/10 stars on the IMdB. Excellent.

The book. Hmmm. I watched the film first and there are some major differences in the chronology of events and just what happened with events. It’s also quite difficult to read because it’s written how Forrest talks: ‘She axed me if I want some popcorn an when she come back from gettin it, the picture done started.’ It definitely helps if you’ve seen the film because then you just read the book in Tom Hanks’s Forrest voice. But it’s a bit like A Clockwork Orange, once you get into it, it’s actually quite easy to read.

I really enjoyed the book and more than once my family have caught me chuckling away to myself like a lunatic. Winston Groom has created such a beautiful character in Forrest because he is such an honest person. No, not honest, innocent. But in a way that’s so endearing- like the way he’s colour blind to race.

And the friendship between Forrest and Bubba. Don’t even get me started. Friendship is a precious, precious thing and I absolute adore books where there is a friendship that is just so special.

The book only gets 3.72/5 stars on Goodreads which I think is a little low, it’s at least 4.25 stars.

I just hope that when I’m old and wrinkly I can be like Forrest and say that: ‘I can always look back an say, at least I ain’t led no hum-drum life. You know what I mean?’


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