Monthly Archives: November 2012

Christmas Announcement

As tomorrow marks the beginning of advent, and the start of getting fat, we have decided that in the run up to the big day, we shall be doing Christmas reviews! How fitting. Love Frances, Melissa and Ellen xxx (but mainly Melissa, because she loves you the most). Advertisements


Unfortunately I don’t have a current book-film review that I think is worthy of your reading. Instead I’ve decided to do something a little bit different that breaks a few rules, but whatever I am 33.3% of this blog so ha. In this blog I shall be exploring happiness and how it is portrayed in […]


I had a great deal of trouble deciding what to review this week. In the end I settled on Birdsong and it seems quite fitting as we’ve just had Remembrance Day. I realise that strictly speaking this is not a book-film adaptation. In fact I shall be reviewing this as a book-play-TV movie adaptation. However, […]

A Clockwork Orange

Let me just begin by saying that any book that uses a made up language whilst still being completely coherent is going to be a winner for me, and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. Set in futuristic England the book follows the life of teenage sadist Alex as he mutates from a psychotic being into […]

The Princess Diaries

So without sounding like a sad loser, I was pretty much obsessed with this movie when I was little. My mum bought me the film for Easter and the first four books for reading over summer when I was about 8. 10 years on, I still love the books and although the film doesn’t seem so […]