A Step Too Far?

Apologies for no review last week- technical difficulties. Tonight’s review is a little different. Frances xx

Last weekend I went to see ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, which is as true to form as possible film about the ten year CIA mission to ‘get’ Osama Bin Laden. It’s actually a pretty good film, in case you were on the fence about going to see it. But after talking to a friend about this, I’m not so sure about how ‘ethical’ it is to make a film about an actual event that caused so much human suffering.

The same is true for ‘United 93’- another great film (impossibly sad but still good) But making films( presumably for profit) about a terrorist attack that murdered 3000 people, must be wrong? It must be. I can’t even talk about 9/11 without feeling a lump in my throat.

But then, 9/11 is modern history. But in 20 years time, there will be children in school, who weren’t even alive for the attacks. I was only six, but I remember that day. But even now, there are children who don’t. Films (and literature) aim to entertain but also to warn us of horrors. Maybe films like ‘United 93’ and ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ should exist in order to educate. After all, we must never, ever be allowed to forget.

Whilst I’m on the subject, watch the episode of ‘The Newsroom’ where the news that they ‘got’ Bin Laden is publicised. When Don tells the pilots, ah, cry, sob sob. Whether you think programmes on the subject of 9/11 should be made is up to you, but the effect 9/11 had on the world is undeniable.


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