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I was warned pretty frequently about Trainspotting, that it was foulmouthed, gross, and even that was when you could decipher the Scottish Advertisements

Little Women

When I was about thirteen, my Mum suggested this book to me and it was a challenge that I dutifully accepted. I knew that she had read it when she was about my age and loved it, and considering how similar we are, assumed I would too. I couldn’t have been more wrong. In many […]


From about the age of three when Matilda was on TV every 2 months, my Mum attempted to sit me down and watch the film adaptation of Road Dahl’s Matilda with me. I got to the part where Miss Trunchbull walked up to the house were Matilda was hiding before running upstairs, unable to bring […]

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Out of sheer resentment I will only fleetingly acknowledge the second inferior attempt to make this book into a film, as this will be a review of the original. I fail to understand the assumption that a Hollywood blockbuster will outshine any counterpart, particularly when considering that the first film was a Swedish production of […]

Oliver Twist

I think Oliver! was probably my first taste of musicals, and I was about four when I first watched the movie. I loved it; even though everything looked dated, the songs and the characters were so memorable that I instantly fell in love. 10 years on, in my first brave attempt to read the original […]

The Hobbit (part 1)

I got this book from my Mum one summer holiday from a recommendation by primary school headteacher. I attempted to read it, knowing that it was loved by many, but found myself not even getting to the second chapter. I felt disappointed I just couldn’t get into it, but chose to leave, to read something […]

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I loved this book and I hated this book. After I finished reading it, I felt I had enjoyed it; it didn’t cover anything groundbreaking, but there were some great bits, some fantastic quotes, and Charlie is one of the most likeable, genuine characters I’ve discovered in a while. I wouldn’t say it was in […]