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A Step Too Far?

Apologies for no review last week- technical difficulties. Tonight’s review is a little different. Frances xx Last weekend I went to see ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, which is as true to form as possible film about the ten year CIA mission to ‘get’ Osama Bin Laden. It’s actually a pretty good film, in case you were […]

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I loved this book and I hated this book. After I finished reading it, I felt I had enjoyed it; it didn’t cover anything groundbreaking, but there were some great bits, some fantastic quotes, and Charlie is one of the most likeable, genuine characters I’ve discovered in a while. I wouldn’t say it was in […]

Our 2012 in Books and Films

So today is our first annual (making traditions seems to be our thing) review of the year! Rules are: 1 – We have not reviewed the book previously on BTTB (mainly so we won’t suffer anymore gushing from Frances about The Help). 2 – It is a mixture of books AND films, not specific adaptations, […]

A Christmas Carol

When I decided to review one of the most obvious Christmas choices, A Christmas Carol, several thoughts popped into my head. The first being ‘what the Dickens?’ Now this is an interesting phrase, one that I use, one that many people use. But does it actually refer to Charles Dickens? I haven’t looked it up, […]


Unfortunately I don’t have a current book-film review that I think is worthy of your reading. Instead I’ve decided to do something a little bit different that breaks a few rules, but whatever I am 33.3% of this blog so ha. In this blog I shall be exploring happiness and how it is portrayed in […]


I had a great deal of trouble deciding what to review this week. In the end I settled on Birdsong and it seems quite fitting as we’ve just had Remembrance Day. I realise that strictly speaking this is not a book-film adaptation. In fact I shall be reviewing this as a book-play-TV movie adaptation. However, […]

Forrest Gump

‘Life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get’ Famous movie quotes was trending on Twitter yesterday, and not surprisingly, this was one of the most popular quotes. To be quite blunt, if you don’t know the film that immortalised this quote, people do look at you a bit strangely. For […]