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I was warned pretty frequently about Trainspotting, that it was foulmouthed, gross, and even that was when you could decipher the Scottish Advertisements


From about the age of three when Matilda was on TV every 2 months, my Mum attempted to sit me down and watch the film adaptation of Road Dahl’s Matilda with me. I got to the part where Miss Trunchbull walked up to the house were Matilda was hiding before running upstairs, unable to bring […]

Oliver Twist

I think Oliver! was probably my first taste of musicals, and I was about four when I first watched the movie. I loved it; even though everything looked dated, the songs and the characters were so memorable that I instantly fell in love. 10 years on, in my first brave attempt to read the original […]

The Hobbit (part 1)

I got this book from my Mum one summer holiday from a recommendation by primary school headteacher. I attempted to read it, knowing that it was loved by many, but found myself not even getting to the second chapter. I felt disappointed I just couldn’t get into it, but chose to leave, to read something […]

Our 2012 in Books and Films

So today is our first annual (making traditions seems to be our thing) review of the year! Rules are: 1 – We have not reviewed the book previously on BTTB (mainly so we won’t suffer anymore gushing from Frances about The Help). 2 – It is a mixture of books AND films, not specific adaptations, […]

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Being a massive geek very early on, I never read any Dr Seuss tales until I was probably far too old for them. I always saw them below my reading ability, preferring Jacqueline Wilson or Harry Potter to have my nose in, rather than a book full of nonsense and rhymes. It wasn’t until I […]

The Princess Diaries

So without sounding like a sad loser, I was pretty much obsessed with this movie when I was little. My mum bought me the film for Easter and the first four books for reading over summer when I was about 8. 10 years on, I still love the books and although the film doesn’t seem so […]