I got this book from my Mum one summer holiday from a recommendation by primary school headteacher. I attempted to read it, knowing that it was loved by many, but found myself not even getting to the second chapter. I felt disappointed I just couldn’t get into it, but chose to leave, to read something […]

I loved this book and I hated this book. After I finished reading it, I felt I had enjoyed it; it didn’t cover anything groundbreaking, but there were some great bits, some fantastic quotes, and Charlie is one of the most likeable, genuine characters I’ve discovered in a while. I wouldn’t say it was in […]

So today is our first annual (making traditions seems to be our thing) review of the year! Rules are: 1 – We have not reviewed the book previously on BTTB (mainly so we won’t suffer anymore gushing from Frances about The Help). 2 – It is a mixture of books AND films, not specific adaptations, […]

Christmas means three things to me: family, food and this film. It’s the King of all Christmas movies in my eyes so if you haven’t watched it shame on you! Admittedly I saw it for the first time only last year but it is so touchingly beautiful that I think it’s a must-watch for everyone. […]

When I decided to review one of the most obvious Christmas choices, A Christmas Carol, several thoughts popped into my head. The first being ‘what the Dickens?’ Now this is an interesting phrase, one that I use, one that many people use. But does it actually refer to Charles Dickens? I haven’t looked it up, […]

Being a massive geek very early on, I never read any Dr Seuss tales until I was probably far too old for them. I always saw them below my reading ability, preferring Jacqueline Wilson or Harry Potter to have my nose in, rather than a book full of nonsense and rhymes. It wasn’t until I […]

As tomorrow marks the beginning of advent, and the start of getting fat, we have decided that in the run up to the big day, we shall be doing Christmas reviews! How fitting. Love Frances, Melissa and Ellen xxx (but mainly Melissa, because she loves you the most).